Who's the mom?

My dotzy bosses over me like no other and vice versa. We fight, we bicker, we make up and we need each other. She got all the stubbornness and rebel genes from me I guess. But what I like about her attitude is her ability to turn (or atleast try) even a bad situation to her advantage in her own kutty-putani way.

Some gems below:

All conversation in American accented English (V) and desi English (me)

Scene 1
V is suddenly bored of making magic wands out of her sketch pens.
V : Mamma (thats my english name acc to her) I want your phone.
Me : No V, I am expecting a call now so I cant give it to you
The above goes in loops 3 times with my voice raising with every iteration.
V : Dont shout at me
Me : Am not shouting, am talking loudly
V : (Snapping) Will you stop talking and listen to me?
Me : (Aghast) ok
V : ((As if talking to a moron) I - want - your - phone - now
Me : I told you I am going to get a call so I cant give you my phone
V : Oh alright ha ha. Put Dora on TV.

Scene 2
V starts crying suddenly after bath
Me : Why are you crying gunda?
V : waaaaaaaaaaaa
I sulk, V sulks, no one talks. 15 minutes later after the crying subsided
Me : You want some bajji (V's word for yoghurt) ?
V : No. But you need to say sorry to me (categorically).
Me : Why
V : Because you scolded me and then you dint talk to me.
Me : I dint scold you, you started crying and dint say why
V : (Not knowing how to top it) Oooh ok ha ha. Its ok.I want some grapes.

I am so glad that she is around with me. Following me, checking on me, smothering me with affection and slathering me with kisses. I love my kutty mummy :)
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