Killer Repitition

Yawn! Today has been a busy day what with getting yellu ingredients ready. This is the first time am making it and would have happily bought it ready-made if it was available in the Indian stores.
But this post is not about that. Its about the best entertainment in my life - dotzy. So as usual I was trying a million ways to get her away from TV and YouTube and in one of my attempts I asked her to read the alphabets.
"But I already know that mamma" she said
Not to be outdone "Then bring a pen and book and write the alphabets" I said.
"But I know that too mamma" she said frustrated.
"If you dont write it every day you will forget" I said.
That was enough to send her diligently to get a book and pencil. She had patience enough to write A, B and C with great aplomb and self appreciation. She writes C like U and I had to show her how to write it correctly. She wrote it again upon my insistence. But when I implored her to right for the third time, she threw the pencil down and refused to budge. Whatever I said after that wouldnt make her write.
Sigh! How did our parents and teachers manage to make us write each letter around 25 times on a page.
How come we did not have the street smartness of the kids now?
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