When one went on an outbound with team

The day began at a very nervous pace for when was the last time one woke up at 6? A push, dash and wash later one was yawny ready to begin the 3 day outbound that one was going on with my colleagues. An hour later than scheduled we were all neatly packed in the AC bus ready for a lullaby which would sound the dong for slumber. Sometime into the journey and there was an uprising among some of us to do better than dream which gave rise to some really dumb charades. A short break of fast later we fell into patterned rounds of card games in which some lost money some won and one other was left holding nearly two packs in his hands in a bid to bluff. We reached the sanctuary by mid afternoon. The sprawling place did not give us any hint of the jungle lurking outside. After a fine meal and some fine falls orchestrated at the hammock the guys found themselves in the pool. They were trying to play some kind of hand football or basketball or fight-for-the-ball. From a giant turtle wading through the waters ball in hand to catfishes fighting for a scrap of ball, it was a complete picture of team work. For some others siesta, shade and cycling beckoned.

One rode the bicycle after so many years and the fact that one could balance on it after a quaky start was enough to have made one's brother proud.

Awhile in the pool for the girls and we got out with the promise of making it more fun the next morning. In the dark night was our project's post mortem. Thankfully it wasn’t as grim as the setting and went on amazingly mature. The end result was such a criss-cross of lines and circles and scribbles on paper that one hopes the genius who created it will not go bonkers un-knotting it! Frantic search around the periphery of the dining hut yielded the place where one could "catch" signal on one's airtel phone. After a call to assure dear ones that one was missing them a lot it was back to having fun.

We went around the place with the fear and also hope that a snake would cross our paths.

When one discovered the futility of this we decided to retire for the night.
The next morning shone its shine with a lot of vigor for this was the first time one would get into a swimming pool. One felt extremely light headed and bodied in the water. Splashing about, playing "Monkey" in 4 ft of water and moon-walking across the pool was amazing. For the uninitiated "moon-walking" is what non-swimmers do in a pool. One of us swam, one of us discovered her fins, one of us grew a swim-wish and one kept cycling in water and felt like a mermaid.

The rest of the day went in training ourselves about something we haven’t quite figured out.

After dinner one group decided to not sleep. And found it very tough to come up with alternatives. Twenty questions was evoked but turned out that one can’t guess one's own trainer's name even using a hundred questions! Then we zeroed in on Pictionary. Now this can be a very gentlemanly game but not with our wild eye gestures and assertion qualities with pencil and some zooky movie names. One could even spot a straw coming out of an ear and going into the body of the sketch of man - and this was the realization of "I". Lateral thinking is all about Pictionary. Or wait is it the other way around? We had a giggly time just laughing at each other's sketches though. While some of them could simply make do with tick marks, some had dashes the size of the word. Hilarious, I say!

The next morning was a regular group photo/individual photo session coz we were returning.

One heard the guys had a blast playing polo in the pool early in the morning. One was fast asleep but one can easily imagine it would be like what was described earlier about the first day.
All in all it was a very nice, laugh out loud trip :)

You don’t need Kerala for rejuvenation therapies!

Hip hip hurrah!


Brain ka Noodle

This week has been one big drag on me - well, workwise
I cant seem to concentrate.
I cant seem to use my 'intelligence'
I cant seem to do any research
I cant seem to give status updates
I cant seem to jot down meeting minutes
I cant seem to do anything

Everything seems to end in a blur of personal happiness.
Its weird how when one is happy, everything else seems to be irrelevant. Even though my paisa vasool happens coz of those irrelevant things!
My only hope and wish is that everyone including my boss understands this ebb in me!
As for me am fervently hoping for tomorrow evening to cast its holiday spell on me


Ich liebe es

I've got blisters on the soles of my feet
I can't walk but am trying

Today is one of the happiest days of my life!
So what if I had to walk 2 kms in the hot sun
So what if I couldnt get a single bus to my destination for one and half hours
So what if they all whizzed past me later in quick succession
So what if they dint stop when I waved

So what if I couldn't get an auto on the long winding road
So what if I got bathed in mud

So what if i got tanned some more
So what if i got blisters on my feet
So what if i am limping now

(Not to mention all that hubby dear went through)
I and my hubby are proud owners of a house today.
An aashiana which we can call our very own.

Tra la la la

As they say in german "Ich liebe es"!


Story of Chaos

Traffic jam (whats new?)
After waiting for 20 mins at one spot, the bus lurches ahead and sees "road" at the end of the tunnel of mess.
The irate bus driver gestures "what the! what the hell do u think u are doing"
Traffic cop (balancing himself at the edge of a median-type stone) gestures back "Thale ketthogidhe (Going mad). Nanannee mele yerasbidthare (They will send me only up) saar. Adjust madkondu hogi"
Bus driver feels more sympathetic towards the cop than himself.

Not a single word is spoken though. Power of communication.



I just saw that I had last posted here in Aug! What did I do for a whole month? I am not sure I have even come here more than twice. Thats really bad for a blog that you own yourself isnt it?
We shifted to a new workplace this week. Honestly my first reaction was "Its congested". But that is kind of the patented "first reaction" to any new workplace rt? After spending sometime here I realised that the place is big enough for me. I mean what do I really need in a work place? A computer, a telephone, a place under the table to store my stuff and some place on the table for the mess I tend to create. Oh yeah a roof over my head and a constant access to a tea vending machine!
My friend once told me that when her father asked her what her brother (yet another software engineer) does at work she tried explaining about programs. But when it went at the 30000 height she told him that he sits in front of a computer and kot-kot-kots.
Hmmm I think that sums up a software engineer's work life. Come in the morning kot-kot-kot unlock system, kot-kot open mail, kot-kot-kot-kot and some more furious kot-kots later mails answered. Then coffee breaks, meetings, kot-kots, yak-yaks, a final KOT of relief to lock system and go home! So with this purview do we really need a huge space to call our own work station? Na-ha!