I just saw that I had last posted here in Aug! What did I do for a whole month? I am not sure I have even come here more than twice. Thats really bad for a blog that you own yourself isnt it?
We shifted to a new workplace this week. Honestly my first reaction was "Its congested". But that is kind of the patented "first reaction" to any new workplace rt? After spending sometime here I realised that the place is big enough for me. I mean what do I really need in a work place? A computer, a telephone, a place under the table to store my stuff and some place on the table for the mess I tend to create. Oh yeah a roof over my head and a constant access to a tea vending machine!
My friend once told me that when her father asked her what her brother (yet another software engineer) does at work she tried explaining about programs. But when it went at the 30000 height she told him that he sits in front of a computer and kot-kot-kots.
Hmmm I think that sums up a software engineer's work life. Come in the morning kot-kot-kot unlock system, kot-kot open mail, kot-kot-kot-kot and some more furious kot-kots later mails answered. Then coffee breaks, meetings, kot-kots, yak-yaks, a final KOT of relief to lock system and go home! So with this purview do we really need a huge space to call our own work station? Na-ha!

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