Paper speaketh

The lines on my face bear testimony,
To the endless pouring from you.
You fill me with stories untold,
Colouring me with your soul.
You entwine me between your fingers and I let you,
Always springing back to your smile of satisfaction.
You shape my very being as wont,
And I willingly become your proud creation.
It is not a few times that I act as a conduit,
To deliver your emotions unto others as though my own.
I can calm your mind like no other,
With a dialogue unspoken yet conversed.
I remind you about all that is important in life,
No matter that the evidence was an impatient scrap.
I lead you to dream through my words,
Basking in the proximity and comfort I can bring you.
You have me near you always, dear one;
I cannot imagine the white vaccum otherwise.