Big B-ang

It had to be a big bang which would jolt me out of my pregnant lethargy which was threatning to stretch till the stork arrived at my door step.
So I was watching CNN-IBN tonight and saw an interview of Amitabh Bachchan and much talk on it about his blog and how he was above all the nonsense (or "freedom of expression" as he called it) being hurled at him. I had to check it out which I did as soon as his interview or should I call it verbal war got over. So, on the blog, the cliched angry old man is responding to every barb with the characteristic smooth language honed to perfection by Boo and Bahu. He is making the world know that he is just another ordinary human with no extra ordinary patience or is it the world which is obsessed with unravelling the peels of his onion-istic personality.
It cannot get bigger than this for the Big B - correction, it cannot get bigger than this for the Ambanis whose lack lustre (my personal opinion) social networking site bigadda has an icon for a user and they are fast cashing in on this popularity with a huge poster on the home page itself.
One for all and all for one - Thats the motto of the Three Musketeers!