What does it take to reach God's Lotus feet?

After a long time, I listened to one of my all time favourite songs

The english translation for the first 2 lines is:

Can I ever find a way to climb the steps of Nirvana to reach your lotus feet? Can I ever be blessed with your servitude?

The emotion behind the song gets me to the verge of tears everytime I listen to it. I saw this movie eons ago at Hyderabad when life still revolved around Doordarshan. There were two movies which moved me to tears at that impressionable age and this was one gem.

The ultimate holiday destination for all human beings is the transcendental Heaven. Between here and there we have Life. Through this life we live in self doubt of some form or another. A doubt which manifests itself into asking the ultimate question in many lyrical ways. As human beings we do not want to be over-confident or egoistic about God. To thwart such aforesaid doubt we have an essential need to be patted on the back. Every once in a while most of us need to be told we are on the right track. Every good deed done clamours (even secretly) a 3rd party glorification. Personal and professional fronts join hands in this one quest. Work is worship said some wise man. Some of us with software engineering bug in our systems write divine code and wait with bated breath for the nod of agreement at our self appraisal. We run behind life’s carrots like bulls in a rampage calling it God’s will. We take every success in our stride and put every failure faithfully into the God-knows-why bucket.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the seed which grows the social media tree. Even a half baked thought could be entered into a daily contest to be adjudged by all and sundry. The number of likes and the number of comments garnered leads to self gratification. After all it is the feeling of being loved that we chase all our lives in the fond hope that it would get us to the enlightened path where you don’t need any street light to see where you are walking.

Cheers to God . QED.


Life as a Sonnet

Looking out at the gloomy skies,
Greeting the sun, driving away the shies.
A little fight lost,
Brushing teeth at any cost.
A big battle won,
School for the little one.
Cooking cleaning and admiring,
Yoga flexes my bones and wiring.
Happiness as the school bus deposits,
Lunch pleas and bath as time flits.
Cozy evenings spent with toys,
Lego cities brings all round joys.
Night bears down fast and dark,
Dinner and to dreamland we would embark.

Bonus lines:
All through one friend stands by me,
The steadfast and loyal TV.