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I just got my blog rated by this online tool and it speaks for itself. I have a cutie pie blog with no adult nuances!!

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Have you ever seen anyone walking into a doctor shop laughing ? Leave out the doctors, nurses and support staff from your count because they dont belong to the speicies of "Patient". For that matter have you ever seen anyone walking in talking loudly?

I wonder what it is about a doctor shop that you are expected to be instantly glum, gloomy and sad. Whether you have come to get your knee-scrape cleaned and ointed or whether you come to get your innards opened for a surgical operation, the mood needs to be equally grave and composed. The one thing I remember from my childhood is being sickly. I landed up in doctor shops more often than most kids, or thats what I think in retrospect. The one thing that made an impression on me was the big SHHHH.....poster with a little blond girl holding her finger to her lips. This was like the universal sign for "Maintain Silence" in almost all the doctor shops I went to. Just spot the blond girl on the wall and you knew for the next one hour you couldnt utter a word out loud. So mighty was the impression that even when the friendly old man in a white coat would forcefully give me a "chuchi" (baby talk for injection), I would not howl or cry in pain as the normal kids but give out a mature "AH" with an occasional tear daring to drop out. As I grew up though some other realisations dawned on me. The urge to crack a joke and laugh became uncontrollable when one is in a doctor's clinic. Like what happened today. We had to visit the doctor for some reason and me,T and my b-i-l had to choose that exact moment, when the doctor was examining the patient behind a curtain, to start whispering and giggling. I mean suddenly very common things start feeling funny in a starched atmosphere like that. We start chuckling for no reason, ok we did find the whispering funny to start with. And we whisper because we have a constraint of being silent. (We are all closet rebels.) The crinkly cover seems funny, the doctor's propped out ears seem very very funny. And ofcourse you are not allowed to laugh out loud (even though nowadays there is no blond girl on the wall). So you snicker behind your palms and try not to turn red. There are some doctors who never smile. There are some who always smile. But there are none who ever laugh out loud, not even when they see that they have cured their patient completely. Makes me wonder if a "full cure" is a myth. I couldn't even imagine doctors laughing in their private personal lives till I became more acquainted with my cousin's uncle and aunt who are doctors. They do laugh a lot and are very funny people! I think when they don the white coat they assume the role of the most responsible persons on earth and responsible persons dont giggle or talk loud just for the heck of it!


The "About" Section

Accidental Diva has tagged me to say 9 things about myself.Out of which one has to be a lie. I think the latter is the easy part. I can talk about being a dragon rider :). I confess that I am a little self obsessed. I do talk a lot about myself. Even in my blog the tag with the most number of posts is "me". But a post with 8 things about myself is a totally different ride. I am wondering if I should put up only politically correct truths about myself....only time will tell ;)

Ok and can any of you guess which one is the lie?

  • I am a vociferous reader. One of my favourite uncles had given me this character insight about myself when I was around 13 years old. The word vociferous sounded romantic to me and I always made it a point to tell people I was this :)
  • I love horror movies. What I love most about them are the sound effects. Groovy! Its almost like being on a rollercoaster and I crave for the adrenalin rush! The Ring is my most favourite movie.
  • I eat a lot which has started showing on me. Its like am making up for all the food my body refused as a kid! Basically you should go back to Shrek 1 where the princess gets transformed to an ogress. Thats the physical transformation that has happened to me except that my colour is not green and I dont have long hair.
  • I am not a huge fan of cooking. Sigh! I dont think this is a good thing to say especially since I also write a food blog. But what I dont like about cooking is the quantities, I never remember how much of what to put in a dish. Never!
  • I am a Hypersomniac. I am out like a light in any moving vehicle except a plane (but then it doesnt have the rocking movement) :). I can sleep at any time of the day and in any amount of light. I like the early to bed and late to rise proverb ;).
  • I drive a car in my dreams. I can steer nothingness very well and weave around imaginary vehicles. I never honk. I can step hard on no pedal and change gears with a movement of my eye. I can brake nothing with the precision of a robot.
  • I am an incessant talker. Not many people who know me know this. I can talk about anything and for a long time. I bore T and my parents with my monologues! I can give advices which would put the swamis and gurus of the world to shame. But of course like any practical human being I dont practice the same.
  • I like doing embroidery. I like gathering a lot of ideas about designs and differnt stitches but do get lazy during the execution. I have a big cross-stitch piece which I have been (not) doing for the past 8 years and its still not done. My kid-neighbour Ammu saw me toiling at it for 4 hours one sunday and two lines of the "sky" later she finally exclaimed "Is that all you could finish?!" :). I have done nice designs on a few dresses of mine though. I used to be good at drawing but havent explored or capitalised on that art. Now I can only sketch T's face and make it look almost like him.
  • I dont know how to put make-up on my face and I am not very young! I recently discovered kajal and am yet to master eyeliner. I am also learning the goodness of conditioner for my badly maintained hair. I have a bad hair day by default. And for the life of me I cannot paint my nails well enough that it wont smudge and get messed up 15 minutes later.

Now that looks like a pretty picture of me :))
I would like Hannah, Cheti, Nita, Thanai and AFJ to keep the ball rolling :)


Main aur meri Tring

I have been tagged and Accidental Diva, am working on it :)
In the meanwhile I have to tell you this :
You know how there are some people who never answer their cell phones no matter what. Maybe not "no matter what" but unless there is an urgent matter and even then its a little tough to elicit a "hello" from them. I have a friend who does not answer her phone. And if she happens to read this I want her to not get upset but read on. Its not about her but about me :). So as I was saying she never picks my calls and she never does that intentionally. She has her own reasons. Whatever the case this has been going on for nearly 3 years now that I call and she does not pick up. I allow it to ring around ten times before cutting off. The human brain is such a wonderful organ that it recognises patterns and best practices more quickly than we realise. Before long, mine had started identifying the action of calling her with no response. But a good loyal (pat pat) friend that I am, I never gave up. I always called her once in a while. A kind of hi-hope-you-are-doing-fine-i-am-fine call. This became an established way for me to function. Every time I called and she wouldnt take my call I would just pacify myself that she knows am fine and she also must be fine because it was normal that she dint pick the call :).
So imagine my shock when I called her day before yesterday and after the cursory ten rings I hear a "hello" at the other end!! I nearly dropped my Motorokr! And for a couple of seconds after saying "hello" myself (again instinctive brain response not mine) I dint know what to say. I have become so habituated to not getting a response that I never thought of what to say when she actually really took the call. LOL!