Main aur meri Tring

I have been tagged and Accidental Diva, am working on it :)
In the meanwhile I have to tell you this :
You know how there are some people who never answer their cell phones no matter what. Maybe not "no matter what" but unless there is an urgent matter and even then its a little tough to elicit a "hello" from them. I have a friend who does not answer her phone. And if she happens to read this I want her to not get upset but read on. Its not about her but about me :). So as I was saying she never picks my calls and she never does that intentionally. She has her own reasons. Whatever the case this has been going on for nearly 3 years now that I call and she does not pick up. I allow it to ring around ten times before cutting off. The human brain is such a wonderful organ that it recognises patterns and best practices more quickly than we realise. Before long, mine had started identifying the action of calling her with no response. But a good loyal (pat pat) friend that I am, I never gave up. I always called her once in a while. A kind of hi-hope-you-are-doing-fine-i-am-fine call. This became an established way for me to function. Every time I called and she wouldnt take my call I would just pacify myself that she knows am fine and she also must be fine because it was normal that she dint pick the call :).
So imagine my shock when I called her day before yesterday and after the cursory ten rings I hear a "hello" at the other end!! I nearly dropped my Motorokr! And for a couple of seconds after saying "hello" myself (again instinctive brain response not mine) I dint know what to say. I have become so habituated to not getting a response that I never thought of what to say when she actually really took the call. LOL!
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