La di da di dum..

GAAAAAAAAAA I have been bitten by the bug. A virus which not only ties your hands together but also twists your thoughts. I have the dreaded Writer’s Block. Or so I would like to believe. It’s not as if I have a dearth of topics. It’s just that my thoughts are so volatile that no sooner do they reach the transmitting end of my brain from its inner recesses poof! They just vaporize into thin air. Have any of you faced this? You think of something to write on but as soon as you put pen to paper or finger to keyboard words refuse to come out. Your brain fights with itself with a mounting amount of frustration but uh-huh no use. Its inner recesses have closed their consultation window for the day, Dhanyavaad! I have even tried to taunt it by keeping an empty word document in front of my eyes but to no avail.

What I tried next was the classic cure for a writer’s block, ready for any idea:

I kept in front of me a blank sheet of paper, a pen with its cap screwed on the wrong side poised to scribble, a packet of Lay’s chips with its edge ripped open and chips tumbling out at a comfortable angle to the left hand, a bottle of water uncapped ready to quench any sign of thirst.

Cut to one hour later

The sheet of paper was not blank anymore. There were a lot of doodles on it the most prominent being my favourite

The cap of the pen looked like it had been through a sugarcane juice making machine.
The packet of chips was empty and the whole area was strewn with crumbs.
The bottle of water was half empty as if waiting for that final touchdown thirst.
And me….well I was blissfully asleep :)


Eating habits of Namma Bengalooru

What is it with Bengalooru navaru and eating? At any given point in time at least 1/4 of the population are eating out I think. I have listed down all the different variations available in terms of concepts and not just on the menu.

Sagar - where masala dosa meets udupi style gobi manchurian. Changed the landscape of Bangalore. Road sense is made better with these landmarks.
CafĂ© – what has been adopted from the French is the “eat out” style. Sorry, no seats available. Fast preparation and consumption of food is the norm.
Juice center - Under upgradation. Exotic fruits are becoming the USP.
Lassi bar – After meal filler place. Kulfis and milk shakes are added attractions
Dessert bar - extra cheese, extra cream, extra sin food
Coffee bar – its all about attitude dude…nothing to do with coffee
Tea bar – exotic pale versions of my favourite brew are served here. Get me Amma’s strong Red Label + Tetley combo anytime!
Lounge bar - thot one goes there for a snooze, but then pictures of afghani ambience complete with hookahs has put a dent to my happiness
Bar and Restaurant – most deals are struck here over whisky soda and pakoda
Restaurant – phamily place. papa orders, mama looks smug and kids cant contain their excitement at being asked their choice
Chinese restaurant – where revolutionary dishes are served which were never heard of in China
Pubs – dimly lit place where madira drinkers don’t want others to notice them and dance floor hoggers get to jive without worrying about the audience
Chaat gaadi – the pollution and dust mixed with the masalas give an added taste to the bhel puris and masala puris which are gobbled in quick succession
Military hotels - aam non veggie junta style, egg trays are not kept discrete and sometimes nor are the meat pieces
Dance bars - ?

Think of anymore? Feel free to pass on the gyaan.