Eating habits of Namma Bengalooru

What is it with Bengalooru navaru and eating? At any given point in time at least 1/4 of the population are eating out I think. I have listed down all the different variations available in terms of concepts and not just on the menu.

Sagar - where masala dosa meets udupi style gobi manchurian. Changed the landscape of Bangalore. Road sense is made better with these landmarks.
CafĂ© – what has been adopted from the French is the “eat out” style. Sorry, no seats available. Fast preparation and consumption of food is the norm.
Juice center - Under upgradation. Exotic fruits are becoming the USP.
Lassi bar – After meal filler place. Kulfis and milk shakes are added attractions
Dessert bar - extra cheese, extra cream, extra sin food
Coffee bar – its all about attitude dude…nothing to do with coffee
Tea bar – exotic pale versions of my favourite brew are served here. Get me Amma’s strong Red Label + Tetley combo anytime!
Lounge bar - thot one goes there for a snooze, but then pictures of afghani ambience complete with hookahs has put a dent to my happiness
Bar and Restaurant – most deals are struck here over whisky soda and pakoda
Restaurant – phamily place. papa orders, mama looks smug and kids cant contain their excitement at being asked their choice
Chinese restaurant – where revolutionary dishes are served which were never heard of in China
Pubs – dimly lit place where madira drinkers don’t want others to notice them and dance floor hoggers get to jive without worrying about the audience
Chaat gaadi – the pollution and dust mixed with the masalas give an added taste to the bhel puris and masala puris which are gobbled in quick succession
Military hotels - aam non veggie junta style, egg trays are not kept discrete and sometimes nor are the meat pieces
Dance bars - ?

Think of anymore? Feel free to pass on the gyaan.
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