Birthday Blues

January brings with it a lot of apprehension. To understand why, you need to know T. But I will try to nut-shell it here. You see he is a very creative person and he exhibits this trait abundantly when buying me gifts.
January brings with it his birthday when I need to put my grey cells to use to think of what to gift him that he would also like. Its always an up-hill task for me because I would have given up on out-shining him from the beginning.
This year, I decided to use the power of social networking in order to capitalise on collective creativity for individual cause. I decided to ask my friends what they thought would be the ideal gift. The replies ranged from the being-useful-for-the-husband to being-useful-for-the-wife-in-long-term to absolute male fantasy! I thank all of them for their suggestive (he he) ideas. While it is not prudent for me to wax eloquently about the suggestion(s) I put into action, I will say this...it was insane...he loved it ;)

P.S:- Thank you Dev, Usha, Shruthi, Shweta, Prathima, Arpana and Sreen (you have given me an idea for the future)

P.P.S:- Could I use the same forum in the future?