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Accidental Diva has tagged me to say 9 things about myself.Out of which one has to be a lie. I think the latter is the easy part. I can talk about being a dragon rider :). I confess that I am a little self obsessed. I do talk a lot about myself. Even in my blog the tag with the most number of posts is "me". But a post with 8 things about myself is a totally different ride. I am wondering if I should put up only politically correct truths about myself....only time will tell ;)

Ok and can any of you guess which one is the lie?

  • I am a vociferous reader. One of my favourite uncles had given me this character insight about myself when I was around 13 years old. The word vociferous sounded romantic to me and I always made it a point to tell people I was this :)
  • I love horror movies. What I love most about them are the sound effects. Groovy! Its almost like being on a rollercoaster and I crave for the adrenalin rush! The Ring is my most favourite movie.
  • I eat a lot which has started showing on me. Its like am making up for all the food my body refused as a kid! Basically you should go back to Shrek 1 where the princess gets transformed to an ogress. Thats the physical transformation that has happened to me except that my colour is not green and I dont have long hair.
  • I am not a huge fan of cooking. Sigh! I dont think this is a good thing to say especially since I also write a food blog. But what I dont like about cooking is the quantities, I never remember how much of what to put in a dish. Never!
  • I am a Hypersomniac. I am out like a light in any moving vehicle except a plane (but then it doesnt have the rocking movement) :). I can sleep at any time of the day and in any amount of light. I like the early to bed and late to rise proverb ;).
  • I drive a car in my dreams. I can steer nothingness very well and weave around imaginary vehicles. I never honk. I can step hard on no pedal and change gears with a movement of my eye. I can brake nothing with the precision of a robot.
  • I am an incessant talker. Not many people who know me know this. I can talk about anything and for a long time. I bore T and my parents with my monologues! I can give advices which would put the swamis and gurus of the world to shame. But of course like any practical human being I dont practice the same.
  • I like doing embroidery. I like gathering a lot of ideas about designs and differnt stitches but do get lazy during the execution. I have a big cross-stitch piece which I have been (not) doing for the past 8 years and its still not done. My kid-neighbour Ammu saw me toiling at it for 4 hours one sunday and two lines of the "sky" later she finally exclaimed "Is that all you could finish?!" :). I have done nice designs on a few dresses of mine though. I used to be good at drawing but havent explored or capitalised on that art. Now I can only sketch T's face and make it look almost like him.
  • I dont know how to put make-up on my face and I am not very young! I recently discovered kajal and am yet to master eyeliner. I am also learning the goodness of conditioner for my badly maintained hair. I have a bad hair day by default. And for the life of me I cannot paint my nails well enough that it wont smudge and get messed up 15 minutes later.

Now that looks like a pretty picture of me :))
I would like Hannah, Cheti, Nita, Thanai and AFJ to keep the ball rolling :)

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