The job-hunt sitcom

This is one thing I never thought would happen!
I am itching to get back into the corporate rat race over the past few days and as a first step have posted my skill sets on many job sites. As a consequence I have been getting some very interesting calls. While some of them are genuinely helpful others provide me with genuine entertainment. Most (read 95%) of the recruiter calls that I get have an Indian on the other side of the line too. Some of them are thoroughbred professionals who know to separate the rice from chaff. But some of them are so hopeless that I am left wondering whether they are selling me soap powder. Many of such conversations are hilarious to say the least. With all due respect to their intent, I am a little apprehensive about working with people that I absolutely dont understand and those who have an atrocious understanding of information technology.
The job calls that I get have a set protocol. The first call is always from the scout who is like a look-out on the ship's mast and has to report each and every spotting to the deck hand below. After he collates my details which is mostly my mail id and compensation, I am informed that the "boss" will give me a call. Now, this boss is the person who decides that my resume is not well written and proposes a 1000 changes to it. After numerous to-and-fro's and me sticking by my resume the boss reluctantly gives in and says that my case will now be taken up by the marketing team. This marketing team is the ghostly 3rd character. You never get to meet them or talk to them but everyone from their company talks of them with great reverence. "There will be a team of THREE (emphasis on this like their life depends on it) marketing your resume all over the US" is supposed to garner awe and gratitude amongst us job hunters. Whatever!
Well, its been an experience so far with its ups, downs and laughs.

Here is an excerpt of one gem I got today:
Hi Siriroop
Hope you are doing good please go throw our company profile .
Blah blah. And amidst that they purportedly are going to provide training in a Reporting tool called "Congo's"
Awaiting response from you……
Thank you.

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