Photo Hoyitho!

Our camera suddenly stopped focusing in auto-focus pre-programmed and programmable modes. I dint realise I was so attached to my canon till last weekend when this problem started. After a lot of barking up the wrong tree, I found a rather simple solution to the problem. The outer ring of the lens seems to be jammed and firmly moving it while focusing solves the problem. The reason for this I believe is another simple act. The act of putting away the camera after use. Our camera bag is shaped such that the camera needs to be shoved in lens first and in our hurry to capture our lives we are not too gentle with it. I dint know this but we should never store the camera in a bag lens first!
I have tried out the solution under a tungsten light and seems to be working well. I should however test this in daylight.
Crossing my fingers and hoping it will work!

Update from next morn :- It dint work :( Camera still does not focus
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