I am God with a remote

Our house is becoming an Android lair. We have 2 android phones, an android tablet and Google TV. All I need now is an Android bot to cook and clean and I would be the happiest person on earth.
We purchased Google TV after much research and a frustrating experience with Roku.
Roku did not have direct access to the YouTube app nor did it have a browser app. So we were basically stuck with all kinds of apps using which needed paid subscriptions.
Anyway this post is not about technical details but about how we use technology to fox V

So, like I said earlier we brought home the Google TV and along with it came a keyboard. Even while I was digging into box for a familiar remote-like thing, T informed me that the keyboard was the remote. It was rather ungainly to operate a TV with a keyboard on your lap but it was a small price to pay for watching internet on a 22 inches TV kept 6 feet away from our eyes.
Just to bring in perspective, my laptop has a 15 inch screen and is a foot away from my eyes which means I can "read" whats written on the monitor!
So there I was Tv-ly challenged and dabbling around like a blind person much to the chagrin of a tech-savvy dotzy. (There is no "click to choose" on the trackpad!!).

Well that was the case till today (around an hour before to be precise) when I downloaded the Google TV remote for android phones. Voila - one more way to use your android phone. But all this would have had little impact on our lives if it werent to help us in child development. Our dotzy knows a lot about phones and TV which sometimes puts me to shame (she taught me how to use the Music app) so it becomes a challenge for me to remain one step ahead of her all the time. Now its time for revenge and I found the ultimate weapon! The cutie has no clue that there is a remote app on my phone and everytime the video she watches pauses she gets very confused. More because she can see that we are nowhere near the biggie remote. We dont know how this will affect her behaviour but we are telling her that the TV has eyes and it will pause the video everytime it sees that she is not eating :). All she needs to do is eat another spoon of food and clap her hands for the video to work :)

Bottom-line - Tum sher toh ham savasher he he he (evil laugh)

I can only gloat for a few days till she figures it out
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