Life's lemons and Temple's Lemon-rice

Today being Vaikunta Ekadasi we felt it was appropriate to go and say hello to God in his own abode. There are not many temples in our part of the world unlike the Lil India (NJ) we moved from. Infact I think there are only 2 which are within an hour's driving distance. We went to one such God mall. There was a modest gathering and puja was in full swing. Now is the time I need to mention there is no canteen (kitchen) in this temple which means that we get to eat Prasadam in the temple if devotee has cooked and brought something. Our plan was to do a swift visit and go back home but while going through the Vaikunta Dwara I couldnt help noticing the prasadam spread in front of Sai Baba (today being Thursday and all). After we were done with our pradakshina I mentioned to T that maybe we should wait for the Maha Mangalarthi. I cannot honestly say that I did not have the delicioso at the back of my mind. Once the arathi was taken and the theertha was partaken we made a beeline to the table where the prasadam was being dispensed. But the crowd was much more seasoned and faster and we only got the fag end of the deal . A few items were already khallas! So much for the Uddin vade that I wanted to eat although I did get the lemonrice.
Well atleast it taught me a lesson - No, not the one about focussing on God but that I cannot take the temple for granted and not cook at home.
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