Tagwork Status : Completed

Am in the right frame of mind after the blog de anger to complete my tag assignment.
Here is the list of things I hate :

  • Waking up early (that would be anytime before 10 AM) in the morning.
  • People telling me that I look sleepy when am freshest in my mind and wide awake (come to think of it I can’t blame them because I am sleepy half the time wrt reason in prev point).
  • Staying alone at home (which is contrary to situation before marriage hinting at chameleonic change of character).
  • People conveying their opinions about me or telling me what to do indirectly by voicing it in my proximity to somebody else.
  • Science fiction books and movies (except for Scary Movie series maybe).
  • The fact that Good food = lots of fat (notice the non usage of nutritious, when I mean good I mean extra cheese cream fried etc).
  • Traffic at peak hours in Bangalore (but as my hubby says it also means positive progress in standard of living).
  • Oh yeah can’t forget the loud burps that emanate from some mouths who think that’s the best way to express appreciation for the delicious food consumed (this is except for people who have a genuine gastric disorder).

At this point I stop because if adding on any more to the list needs thinking then its not worth showering any emotion on, even if its only hate :)

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