The Strip

If there is one last place that I can go to then it has to be Las Vegas.
If there is one last fantasy that I can live then it has to be at Las Vegas.
If there is one option of getting rich quick I want it to be Las Vegas.
If there is one dream that will be fulfilled I want it to be going to Las Vegas.

It’s a beautiful place! Who would have thought of transforming a boring brown desert into one of the most sought after tourist and fantasy destination of the world. Till now I have only heard stories from there and never really got the chance to visit it. But I swear I will chance-pe-dance as soon as I can. I was seeing this program called Vegas Magic on Travel & Living yesterday. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what they have done to revive the downtown area – they have covered it up with a canopy at the height of 90 feet with thousands of electric bulbs and it is lit up in a continuous frenzy of artistry every night! Can they get crazier than that? Or creative for that matter in another perspective!

I have heard first person accounts of the Bellagio and Paris casinos but believe me you, seeing is totally believing in this part of the world. They have gondolas plying on water in the middle of a desert maaan!

They have an Eiffel tower sitting snug in the surrounding glamour in stark contrast with its big brother in Paris which rises up magnificently above all its surroundings.

There are fountains (Bellagio) which would put our dancing dolls to shame with its jatkas and matkas.

I really did not observe the opulence of this casino when I saw it in Ocean’s Eleven. You really don’t have to travel around the world if you go once to Vegas. They have brought the world to one place “The strip”. Want to meet the Egyptians or look see a pyramid. No problem just step into Luxor.

If it’s Rome you want to lose yourself in then just choose Caesars.

Want to snuggle in the setting of Arabia they have Alladin for you.

Want to experience Vegas in style then MGM Grand is the place for you.

I realize that I have started sounding like a travel brochure but that’s because of my excitement at just the mere thought of Vegas. It’s a place where every person can have maximum enjoyment on his/her budget. Is there anything Indian out there? I am already getting a business proposition in my mind. Aha! But I wouldn’t want to call it Taj Mahal nor would I want to fill it with Persian carpets and elephantine elephant statues. I don’t like the idea of India only being known for its low costedness and the white marble giant or snakes. But again that’s another topic which I will take in another time and post. For now I want to travel deeper into the magic realm of Vegas if only in my dreams :)

Viva Las Vegas!

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