Let the early bird get the worm, I don’ wanna

I am sure I am not the only person in this world who has a perpetual problem waking up in the morning...every morning! Eternally having to goad myself to wake up is not really a nice feeling. This mixed with self motivation can be a stressful combination in the wee hours (8 AM and later) of the morning. I am a self confessed "late perker-up". I just can’t keep my mind focused in the mornings. I wake up everyday with my energy levels are at an all time low and without any will power to do anything. As the day progresses I get sharper and become a better thinker. Maybe I am like this particular alien in a movie which needs to absorb sun light to "get alive". Only, in my case it’s more of tube light doing the needful. Since I belong to the world of softwaring, forty five minutes after waking up I find myself at my office with the CPU coming to life with a grudging grunt and the monitor blinking through its sleep :). Lots of people tell me lots of stories about sunrise and the sights and sounds of it. To every such person I counter with a vivid description of beautiful sunsets. Truly, one must pass in front of ITPL during twilight to appreciate God. Its an awesome sight with the multi hued sky in the backdrop and ITPL all lit up in the front. I have somehow managed to convince myself and folks that matter to me that the time you start your day matters less than the productivity irrespective of the time. (I know they don’t really buy it but the protests and the advices have become a bare minimum). So far so good. If the early bird wants the worm I won’t hinder it but puhleese let me be....

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