ERP in governance

Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam addressed the people of Karnataka this Sunday on his visit to Bangalore. I was one of the many citizens enthralled by his speech. What captured my heart was the level of detail that was presented to the assembled legislature. Details down to the last GB of fibre optic connections across major cities of Karnataka! I mean, he is a visionary not just the President. There was a variety of topics that he advised the government on ranging from agriculture to IT infrastructure, from decongestion of tier one cities to futuristic town planning. I wondered if making him the head of the government would help our nation and then again that position would not really offer him so much independence to think of next generation governance tactics. Lead kindly light Dr. Kalam!

His speech set me thinking and I strongly believe that what India needs right now is a good ERP system. Running governments of a country is big business. Currently the disjoint sets are too many in number within the same governmental machinery. It is a very simple tree structure with the central government at the node and 28 state governments and 6 union territories (hopefullyIi am right with the numbers) under it at the same level, if you think of it.

  • Unifying all the departments of the states and center under one umbrella system would mean better accountability which I feel is the first thing lacking in our government today.
  • Information retrieval, usage and dissemination would be highly efficient.
  • Limited access would make it more tamper proof.
  • Information keyed in once is available in minutes across the organization.
  • The ROI for the government is very high and long lasting.
  • Finance and operation reports could be generated out of the system.
  • More transparency in governance.
A lot more advantages that is currently not occuring to me but might to you all!
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