Trespassers will be persecuted!

Actually I like most dogs but Pomeranian is one breed I fail to understand. There is a saying in Kannada which aptly fits this breed to the T: “Moorthi chikkadadaru keerthi doddadu” which roughly translated into English means “Even if size is small the fame is large”.

These dogs don’t like anybody apart from the inner circle of their family. They loathe visitors and hate being petted by frequent visitors also. They don’t try to flatter anyone. Stand their own ground in front of any big dog. They don’t wait around to be petted even by family. A very egoistic dog aye? They bark at all and sundry who approach their house. They even bark at passers by and go to the extent of a loud long cacophony if the passerby so much as looks at them in order to find out what offended them. They will establish territory with any passing dog. Don’t lose a chance to show who the boss is.

And don’t forget their bite is as big as their bark. They are not forgiving creatures. They have no moral issues about biting at the least provocation.

I myself have had the misfortune of being bitten by one for no fault of mine. This was way back during my middle school days. I was playing cricket with a group of cousins at one of my cousin’s home. His dog just like Snoopy believed he was part of the game. He basically thought his role was to run with the bowler for every ball. He would sit and wait with the umpire as the bowler would take the run up, then run along with him till he bowled and then move aside as the ball made contact with the bat. A very clever dog. Well, it so happened that I was the umpire for one of the games and the dog was waiting in front of me for the bowler to run astride. The bowler happened to stamp the dog’s tail while running ahead. Immediately the dog spun around saw me standing behind it and bit me on my leg!! No major brainer you would say but I admired the defense mechanism. Of course the admiration came much later. What came first was a huge howl from me which took a long time (and a huge amount of ice cream) to be quelled :)

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