Back to school...

Its a very strange feeling one gets when one goes back to school after passing out of it years ago. Your teachers treat you as grown ups (something you are totally unused to being the star brat of the pack). The PT masters (once the reason for all your nightmares) treat you like buddies, laughing with you at the nervous jokes you crack (while there is a stain being formed around the armpit part of your dress). The classrooms feel too small (how did we manage to fit our legs into these tiny benches?). You wonder how you had the patience to sit through 7 hours of school everyday for so many years when now you cant imagine sitting in one place for 17 minutes at a stretch. The black board on which you would write the names of all the people who dared to talk in a quiet "teacher-absent" period and you were the monitor. It sounds almost a silly way of threatening now. But it all worked back then and like a charm.Your heart still thuds dangerously as you climb upto your classroom. The anxieties, the li'l world tensions all come washing back in your mind. You had the need to prove yourself back then. Has anything changed now? I dont think so. I still have to prove myself everyday of my life.
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