I met a Beauty Queen this weekend.....

‘Twas the Ford from India, Shubra Aiyappa.

I had my own (little world) apprehensions about what to wear and how to present myself to a supermodel. Come to think of it I never imagined I would one day, me being light years away from the “public life” spectrum. I landed at her house in a blue jean and a well worn and favorite Tantra t-shirt. It was more like the t-shirt would instill confidence in me. (It’s that chilled out feeling one gets when one wears one’s old clothes compared to the jitters in a brand new ensemble). I rang the bell which was on a wall covered with beautiful murals. Waited expectantly to meet the and met a very pretty queen mother instead. "I know where she gets her good looks from", I thought. Then was ushered in and seated in a comfortable sofa. It was then that I got a fleeting glimpse of her standing shyly near the kitchen door. “Was that?…Is that tall young girl in a cute short frock the supermodel?” was all I could think of! She looked so different. At the same time stunning was the word to describe her even sans make up and arc lights. Contrary to popular beliefs about pageant winners, she is a down to earth, very congenial and sweet girl who was as much at home with excited neighbours streaming into her house congratulating her, as with celebrities doing the same on a more public platform. Looking at her sitting cross legged on a dining chair behind the sofas in the living room and peering in between shoulders to watch Star Plus, I wondered whether this was the same girl who looked so much at ease walking the ramp and confessing that she belonged there. Another one of my myths broken. I will not judge a model by her “rampishness” anymore.

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