Rasipuram Krishnaswamy Narayan

I was initiated into R.K.N's writings by a very dear friend of mine. Prior to that I was an avid reader of run-of-the-mill fast paced western world novels. The first snippet i got to read of R.K.N was ofcourse "An Astrologer's Day" which is part of our curriculum in 1st PUC. It dint create much of an impression in me for I was not really a big fan of humorous stories back then. But once I embarked on the R.K.N journey I have never looked back. I simply love his works.
I will write in detail about my reading experience some time later (I really have to cater to a work deadline rt now), but below is a list of his books for all ye collectors!

's Published Works

1935: Swami and friends
1937: Bachelor of Arts
1938: The Dark Room
1939: Mysore
1945: The English Teacher
1947: An Astrologer's Day , and other stories
1949: Mr. Sampath - The Printer of Malgudi
1952: The Financial Expert
1953: Grateful to Life and Death
1955: Waiting for the Mahatma
1956: Lawley Road , and other stories
1958: The Guide
1960: Next Sunday : sketches and essays
1961: The Man-Eater of Malgudi
1964: My Dateless Diary : An American Journey
1965: Gods, Demons, and others
1967: The Vendor of Sweets
1970: A Horse and two Goats , stories
1972: The Ramayana; a shortened modern prose version
1974: My Days
1974: Reluctant Guru
1976: The Painter of Signs
1978: The Mahabharata: a shortened modern prose version
1980: The Emerald Route
1982: Malgudi Days
1983: A Tiger for Malgudi
1985: Under the Banyan Tree and other stories
1986: Talkative Man
1988: A Writer's Nightmare : selected essays
1989: A Story-Teller's World : Stories, Essays, Sketches
1990: The World of Nagaraj
1992: Malgudi Landscapes : the best of R.K. Narayan
1993: The Grandmother's Tale : three novellas
1993: Salt & sawdust : stories and table talk

Feel free to add to the list if I might have missed any
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