A hot cuppa chai

Today was one the rare days that I managed to coax my self to get up early and come in by 9 to office. (Ok not entirely. There is one person am indebted to for this.) This is a feat which has many pitfalls. Some metaphorical and some literal. It starts off with having just 20 minutes to devote to morning ablutions most of which is done in a fast forward mode because of two reasons.

One: am late. Two: am VERY late. It also entails putting on some moisturizer and accessories simultaneously though if asked to repeat the feat at a later point of time would only fetch one a scowl. One would also probably never see a repeat performance, of putting on a dress and combing hair at the same time, either. ‘Why can’t I get up 10 minutes early?’ is a pretty valid question and everyone who knows the ‘morning person’ in me has shot it at me at one time or another. I cannot explain enough to them that the satisfaction of a full nights sleep is in those very last 10 minutes of it. The luxury of ‘five-more-minutes’ is unparalleled in this world. It works wonders for one’s day-long demeanor. Sometimes it also quickly manifests itself into a wonderful dream. Ok, alright, this is not a post to rant about sleep (ohhh so dear!). Somewhere before my exposition on sleep began I did mention that there were certain pitfalls in coming in to office early. The foremost one is the lack of nourishment. There is no time to get rid of my hunger. For breakfast silly! Reach the bus stop and the van is just about to leave. Jump in and right-ho to the driver who just glares back at me since am an ‘id ka chaand’. Even got threatened to be thrown out of the van once since the driver dint recognize me and I dint recognize the term ‘bus pass’. Then starts the literal pitfall. We are taken through one big pot hole which has roads at some places along the way. It’s a constant challenge thrown at me. I defy the verdict and try to sleep through the whole roller coaster ride. Today I even managed to keep my eyes closed the whole way except for two very special spots. And this also only to prevent myself landing in the lap of the guy sitting next to me. After all this I come in to office and find that what I had endured for has got postponed anyway. AAARRGGH I need my hot cuppa chai to get over this crisis. Catch u later!

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