Sucess at last

...and I owe it all to a very nice Airtel customer care executive!
I am..sorry...I was(yippie!) one of those unfortunate souls stuck with an airtel feature which I enabled quite by accident. The Hello Tunes (groan). From that fateful day till today I have been trying to disable it to no avail. Maybe its my dumbidity or the complicated IVR. Anyway for all ye people stuck with the same problem here is the solution that I got from this gentleman of an executive who dint harass me with questions like "why?", "why not?" etc..

Go to 678 which is the Hello Tunes number
Press # for Main menu
Press 2 to hear wide range of songs
Press 4 for hello tunes profile
Press 1 to unsubscribe
Press 1 to confirm unsubscription

Voila you are rid of it!

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