I get a new dress yet again

She did it!! I told you she would do it! I knew she dint like my pink dress at all. She was just waiting for an opportunity to change it. Now I have a nice shade of pristine white. I like it but I hate it that she decides everything! She took this new fashionable look of mine from Gecko & Fly. Its called the K2 blogger template . Its nice in a minimalistic sort of way and I do so like the links on top instead of all of them on my side bar. Now I can stretch my arms and fly :). It also has a wordpressy feel about it. And looks a little organised and less cluttered. Now I can eat my food for thought in suave peace.

Psst Siri also wants to thank the Gecko & Fly team immensely.
She is working on making links meaningful and VISIBLE. So please bear with the slow-poke. If in the process she discovers that she is a dud at it then she might change my dress again. Sigh!
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