Dog Person

Yesterday something very strange happened when I was walking back home. Its become my practice of late to listen to radio on my mobile phone on my way back home. I keep it on even after getting off fom my office van and while I walk a short distance home. Yesterday it so happened that the van driver had also tuned into one of the radio channels (which was not what I was listening to) and he had put it on very loud volume. I, not having the inclination to argue with him, simply increased the volume of my phone. So there I was walking down the road with music literally pouring out of my ears and into those of startled passers-by. Suddenly I felt a brush against my left leg. I thought it might have been my dupatta moving to the wind. I felt the brush again and this time I literally jumped because it was a dog and he/she (I cant tell so easily) was very close to me! Literally walking in my shadow. I tried to move away but the dog stuck to me. It would brush against me or get in the way of my legs. If I stopped walking the dog would also stop and pretend as if it was looking for something on the road. As soon as I move there it was, my loyal shadow. I am usually not scared of our layout stray dogs because they are not only friendly towards us but also guard our layout against any intruder. This particular dog did not seem friendly but it seemed scared to me. I thought of all the incidents involving stray dogs mauling kids in Bangalore and decided not to take chances. I stood rooted to my spot quite in the middle of the road and did not move for two full minutes. The dog waited for me on the side and it got restless. Now it so happened that there was another girl walking in front of me so the dog just latched on to her shadow. I started walking again and started wondering why. That was when I noticed 3 more dogs walking quietly behind me. But these were not interested in me. They were stalking the other dog. It struck me at that moment that the lone dog was an intruder, a stranger who was trying to get into our layout community. He was keeping close to the humans walking maybe for two reasons 1) he thought the dogs wont smell him out (comeon I dont really stink that much dude!) 2) he thought walking with humans would give him a "pet" status. Whatever it was it dint work because in the next minute as the other girl stood confused and scared the layout dogs started barking and rushing towards the lone dog. We all got out of the way for the pack which dint rest till they chased the intruder out! Dogs do have brains people. Remember those labradors? They know their lost puppy dog look will get us to do anything for them.

(I took the pic from a Hindu Newspaper)

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