Clamor to Fame

You know about all those doey eyed dreams about publishing one's piece in a newspaper? Most of the kids (in my school days there was no blog) who were anywhere close to atleast a plagiarist aspired to become famous through the only means known to kid-kind - the newspaper's children section. I used to read a paper called the Deccan Herald during school days and every sunday there used to be a children's special aptly titled "Open Sesame". I used to pore over all the things other kids would write in it and secretely felt sorry for myself that I could never publish any article. Publicly it was a different story in which I always claimed that I could write better than all those stupid kids who wrote about bread and jam as their claim to fame. I, on the other hand wrote about more mature stuff like life and skies. Why I could never publish was not because I was not good (oh yeah I was the best) but because of lack of guts. I always feared rejection. Add to this some gossip one would hear about how an aunt's neighbour's cousin had become a regular article writer, and one's stomach would churn with jealousy and heart would mourn the lack of courage. At long last I made an attempt of crossing that line which separates the have-trieds and never-have-trieds and sent a poem I had written to Times of India newspaper.
What? You still expect me to continue and write the whole sob story? For the curious ones I still have the copy of the mail I sent to Times of India and the mail of rejection I recieved from them. Oh wait I never got a response from them even! How cheap I say! They dint realise that they thwarted an ambitious writer entirely. They not only snuffed out the flame burning within the heart of a great poet-to-be but also removed the wick!
I did not stop writing. I wrote but with a lot of bitterness. Those were the dark ages of my writings. Blah blah and blah later I started writing online. I created my own web page on Geocities (accessing that now will give one a message stating "Sorry, the page you requested was not found.") . I uploaded all my articles on that and continued to create new ones there. But there was not many people reading it. I can safely count on one hand, the people who used to read it. I discovered blogging quite by accident. But once I was aware I was hooked to it. I wrote and wrote (ok am exaggerating a bit) and did not care if I saw a pathetic "0 comments" at the tail end of every post. I strived, I persevered and finally I got some good souls visiting my blog and some even better souls leaving their comments for my posts. At long last (actually day before yesterday) I got a mail from a person with the Bangalore Mirror newspaper asking if I would mind one of my post's being published in his newspaper. I nearly fell off the seat when I saw the mail. I quickly sent back a reply affirming my "No Problem", the quickness of which he was good enough to notice ;). And lo behold yesterday's Bangalore Mirror's Blog Talk had MY post in it! Mine!! Yeah all mine!!
While I gloat some more at not being a Loser after all you take a look at the pciture version of that article. Ofcourse you cant read it from the picture but you can read the post

Now is it a coincidence that Bangalore Mirror is a daily publication belonging to Times of India? Hee haw haw haw haw

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