Alisha Wonderland

If there is only one person who entertains on the Indian Idol show it is....No not Anu Malik but the bimbette judge. Let the original baby doll please stand up. Presenting to you single reader Alisha in wonderland Chinai. The super duper blooper of the show. I am not sure she understands what exactly is required of an Indian Idol singer. For that matter neither do I and another few thousands of viewers. Is it the singing talent that is being showcased or their tingling performance? Am not sure. I as a viewer am left thoroughly confused because of the judges' comments as well. When a song falls flat on a normal listener's ears it receives a tremendous thumbs up from the connoisseurs on the jury. When a singer gets a popular response from the studio crowd, the judges feel that it was a bummer. But all the seriousness aside, I watch this show only for one reason - the stupefied face of Alisha Wonderland. Her face inadvertently mirrors her feelings, or does it? Everytime she listens to someone singing very well she has this constipated look on her face, I cant fathom why. Jealousy maybe? Everytime a particularly guy (who proposed on this show to another competitor) sings a deep chink appears on her cheeks as she blushes away her overwhelming sighs and presents her verdict. Its fun to watch I tell you. The gamut of emotional juggernauts that she presents is unique. It lighs up the otherwise dull show. She could even put a bulb above her Marge Simpsonique hairdo which could light up the entire set! I wonder how many hair extensions she needs to remove before going to bed every night. So yesterday, on the show, the lady was extremely happy with some performances and she obviously wanted to express herself and these were the two masterpieces :
You blew it!
You smoked it!
I can imagine the poor old thing’s fiery distress when someone eventually points it out
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