A Book Tag!

Hannah, the lovely maiden, has tagged for a book related meme (*chuckle*, i always find that word funny)
I met Hannah in Bangalore and what I liked most about her (apart from the fact that her blogs are ultra cool and funny) is that she opines about everything under the sun. I, am this cathartic creature who is gone deeply in the zone of "I dont care", hence it's a welcome change to be a part of this meme (*chuckle*)

Hardback or paperback: Paper. Harbacks give me the feeling of reading text books

Barnes and Noble or Border’s: Never gone to either. But my favourite in Bangalore used to be Premier Book Store (which closed down a few months ago). I like small shops where books are piled to the roof and I can rummage through that discovering treasures. Also like Crosswords which is neat and organised and lot of people to help you. Am a paradox!

Bookmark or dog-ear: Ok if you poke me and ask Bookmark but then I usually dont remember to keep those in. I generally remember the size of the pages left to read and I approximately open a page and start looking. This practice is very handy if you take up a book to read again after a long gap. It helps you re-read and re-remember :) (I like collecting bookmarks though)

Alphabetize by author, alphabetize by subject, or random: Random, hmmm I like to stack books according to their length!

Keep, throw away or sell: Keep. (Wish a genie would neatly dust it every once in a while)

Keep the dust jacket or toss it: No idea, whats a dust jacket anyway?

Short story or novel: Novel.

Collection (same author) or anthology (different authors): Anthology

Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket: Neither (R.K.Narayan)

Stop reading when tired or at chapter breaks: I pull myself to a chapter break but my eyes decide usually.

“It was a dark and storm night” or “once upon a time?”: Depends on my mood. I like mysteries when I want to get away from things :)

Buy or borrow: Borrow (and then keep). Ok any of my friends reading this - Am just kidding ;)

New or used: I like new. What I like more is the smell of new books, fresh pages :)

Buying choice: errr...whatzzat?

Tidy endings or cliffhangers: Tidy endings. I may appreciate cliff hangers in a movie!

Morning reading, afternoon reading, or nighttime reading: Night, but these days its more relegated to weekend afternoons

Stand-alone or series: Stand-alone.

Favorite series: I read all of Arthur Hailey's books one after the other.Though its not really a series I loved it!

Anyone is free to take this meme forward!
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