Bonjour Montreal

My first morning in Montreal saw me sitting in front of my laptop chatting with parents and T in India! I was up by 3 AM, a feat which one would never see in India. But today I am jet-lagged or so I would like everyone to believe. (I would love to use this as an excuse for the next two days to take it real easy at work!) I aint tired nor sleepy just wide awake. My bio-clock is not acting crazy but is in perfect shape. Why, you ask? Simple : I come wide awake in the afternoons even in India! And 3AM here is afternoon in India. So, really, my clock knows what its doing! What is also giving me trouble is the growling tummy. I forgot all about it being empty and slept off before I knew it and obviously its the tummy's birth right to protest as soon as my mind came to its senses. Dontcha worry tummy I have ordered room service breakfast for ya.
In the meantime I took some pictures from my room on the 19th floor of a giddily tall hotel. This was the view at 6 AM from my room whose window I cant open (which explains the lack of clarity)!
I just heard the weather report and its going to be minus 14 deg celcius!! I cant even imagine how cold it can be. I hope I dont freeze into a statue on the way to office. How many sweaters does one wear for this weather? Or does it matter-after a certain point our body can still feel colder?

This is the parking lot of the next building. The shapes in the snow are not cars but the area where cars were parked the night before when it snowed.

The building right opposite to my side of the view

Early birds on the road

A quick update at 7:07. Yes, am still up and the sun decided to say hello

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