Montreal : Loved Saturday

Just in case people decide am a complaining wimp, I want to tell you all that I had a glorious time yesterday. Went out with a friend-couple and discovered a whole underground city in Montreal. Literally, one does not have to walk outside. You can go through the whole downtown area just using the Metro or walking through the connected underground. A whole host of food courts, shops etc line the inside of the underground city. A whole variety. And many big malls also have openings directly in the underground so you can just go through. I love the way this city has adapted to the extreme weather conditions.
Also thankful because it does not help to walk in these shoes on icy footpaths here unless you want to be crowned the sidewalk skating champion!

We walked a little bit outside and since it was raining it was warm enough for just a light jacket. Oh, it was fun! We had a nice huge chinese meal. I like their USP. What I mean is, if an Indian opens a restaurant in any of these western cities, the prices would be exhorbitant. 15$ for a palak paneer? Are you crazy? But the chinese stir fried vegetables would cost me 5$. They maintain this kind of price tags wherever they open shop. Be it europe or north america! And indeed they are popular. The quantities are big and prices and small. There were two things I forgot to do yesterday. One : open up my umbrella when it rained. Two : take photos to post on the blog. But there is a lot of time yet for both, so maybe next time. The weather is supposed to hold up this week but from friday onwards its supposedly going to minus deg celcius again. Atleast T will have a warm welcome when he arrives next week!

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