Montreal : Frustré à l'hôtel

No, am not picking up french like how one picks up socks. I am just using Google translate. Chose it over Babelfish today. No idea why.
Today is Sunday. A glorious Sunday if you go by the weather channels (it's like a national hobby to know hour by hour weather condition) and my eyes. I see a nice and sunny day outside my hotel window. How can I be sure? Well, there is this building right below my window whose roof was completely covered with two feet of snow and most of it has melted from today morning onwards. There you go, I am SURE. Sorry, I am not being rude but am just so bored. Why am I frustrated? Because I have been seeing the great weather outside from the inside. The one thing I hate to do is to move around in an alien place alone like a zombie. Unless I have a goal in mind I don't do that even in Bangalore! Hence I have been lazing around in my hotel 10*10, snacking continuosly on sin food with an occasional smattering of healthy stuff like fruits but mostly Oreo.

A few minutes ago I made myself some tea. I made it the same way I make coffee, in a coffee brewer. Call it Innovation ;)
Me drinking tea now hence the pause in post.

The tea turned out awesome (a little too much of the sugar-free sugar but that doesn't hurt)! Am done drinking and wiping mouth on sleeve of tshirt. A little carefree (indulgence) never hurts when you are away from home and the special someone is not giving you a frown and stare.
In the afternoon I watched a movie called 'Serendipity', a very cute movie which I hadnt gotten around to watching till now.The hero John Cusack is so adorable.
I was half wishing either T or my parents had left their webcams on so that I could feel I was in Bangalore. Am crazy!

The hotel here has registered me as Mrs Yen. The first time I heard them calling me that I found it strange (N is my initial) but yesterday when I went to exchange a few USD to CAD a clerk actually gave a receipt in that name!!!
Its 6:10 PM but the sun thinks its 5:10 so its nice and bright and sunny outside. Am totally confused about DST. Who said it was day light saving? The sun decides that as I know it!

Hokay my brother called and I made a complete idiot of myself (again). Sigh! Why can't I sound more intelligent when I talk to him? Oh well, I will try and follow instructions atleast to the T (thats a funny pun if you know what T means in my blog *grin*). Today I got this great idea of posting a recipe in my food blog from one of the channels I was watching. It was in french. It was a great salad full of paneer and a little spice. The only problem was I couldn't fathom a few of the green leaves and oils and sauces. And these according to me make up all the taste of a good salad. My bro-in-law always has a deadly combo of these and he makes some yummy salads.
Now its 7 and like a nice Montreal person I should start making my dinner. I have this sudden craving for pulav. But will make do with a peanut butter sandwich, an apple and some orange juice. The all american Lunch he he he!
Goodbye folks and good luck :). Its time for Shalom in the Home (I am also addicted to a channel called TLC).

My connection to sanity, my blog (really? :)..)

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