Departing from routine

Yesterday night I watched "The Departed" inspite of my body telling me to shutdown. I dint regret it even a single moment. Amazing movieyisay! A must watch.

Its a slick movie with fantastic actors. Even though the archiness of Jack Nicholson's eyebrows did irritate me a little, I could push it aside and enjoy him acting as Frank Costello. Leonardo, oh Leonardo where hath you been? Watching this guy act as Billy Costigan is like watching magic unfold. Its unpredictable and always leaves you in awe. Matt Damon could do with a little more histrionics on his face. But he has done enough justice to his role of Collin Sullivan. There is a Vera Farmiga also who plays the role of female lead and sanity (in the psychiatric sense) in this movie aka Madolyn. Whats most captivating about her is her eyes. They display an earnestness in them. Huge blue eyes. Extremely expressive. Martin Sheen as the police chief seems a little wasted in the movie but he carries the "President" regality about him. Mark Wuhlberg as the acid mouth spewing slews Dignam is a treat in a sometimes still movie.

The movie is about the Irish mafia in Boston. Before watching this movie I was not even aware of the huge Irish presence in Boston. Expect to be witness to a lot of blood and gore and brutality. A scene where Frank Costello hits with a hard shoe on Billy Costigan's broken hand left me feeling my stomach contents defying gravity! Its an intense movie with a few funny dialogues. I was sometimes thankful to the subtitles in the DVD. The editing is extremely neat and the sudddenness of the movie shocks you. The soundtrack is amazing and I might starting looking for it to use as my ringtone. Watch out for the slick Samsung flip phones featured throughout the movie.
Neat presentation Mr. Scorsese! When's your next?
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