Moi the Chef?

I want to share a few nice simple recipes with my memory and the rest of the world.
Did you go back and read the previous line again? LOL. I mean it, really. Sharing with my memory part. An online journal of recipes types. Of amma's thalik* and mamyar*'s adige*. I hardly remember what goes into all those concoctions conjured up in the kitchen. The first few times I made rasam I had a post-it on the fridge to take me through. Now out of habit I remember how to make rasam. But there are a few more exotic (dont start imagining shaahi paneer here) concoctions like kolamb, nalagri, kootu, morkolamb/majjigehuli etc which one doesn't make on regular days. Hence the need for an online diary which will give me an "informed" choice for lunch :)
I have done a few posts on food itself in the past but the new blog will be dedicated to not just my thoughts on the slurpy delights but also a complete Idiot's(then again who is talking about you?) guide to the cookery universe.
What got me started on this line of thought is the fact that I did not get a "Kolamb" recipe on the net. I googled for it and dint find anything so I though if someone else like me googles for it they should definitely get it at my blog and therefore I started
Go ahead, take a peek, you'll like it.

PS :- *thalik in tamil = adige in kannada = cooking, mamyar = mother-in-law in tamil

PPS :- Incase anyone is wondering about the title of the food blog,
bendekayi = ladies finger/okra, karimb = curry in tamil
And its my favourite dish! Tastes best when eaten with Hot rice and rasam
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