An Orange Monday

Well, this post has nothing to do with the colour of the kurta I am wearing today. Its a general description of my mood. Orange is vibrant, bright and adventurous and this is what I feel like today. Of all the days on a Monday you ask? Yeeeahhh but I am a little weird you know. Why? Let me see now
  • I din't sleep on the way to work
  • I came in to office before the clock struck eleven (and the mouse ran down hickory dickory dock) *just couldnt help myself there but ignore madi*
  • I was all active and awake from the time I came in to now and its nearly been 10 hours. Hick!
  • I dint break my diet by eating junk food. Even had my dosa oil-less.
  • Tried a Macchiato at Coffee Day and swore never again. Gah! It was decoction with a pretense of milk!
  • Had two fairly successful meetings. If I may say so myself
  • Missed a wedding with legitimate reasons. Yay! I dont have to dress up like a doll *feeling coy*
  • Mom-in-law just called to tell me that I should somehow come to the wedding hall even if by auto. I like the feeling of being thought about and wanted.
  • T is in the mood for accompanying me to a place that I will tell you about very soon. He is actually looking at the logistics. Yippie
  • Most of the pending work at our new home got done. Thanks to T, I would have blown my top off.
  • Will be talking to appa and amma for a good forty minutes now on my way home. Office Shuttle
  • Gotta run else I miss it. *Scoot*
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