A princess is born

If 2005 and 2006 were the years of weddings then 2007 is definitely the year of babies! This ofcourse is in my perspective. Two of my friends are proud parents and a couple of couples are in line.

(PIC courtesy : http://www.annegeddes.com/) P.S :- This is not the princess I am talking about!

Today morning I saw a princess. A less than a day old kiddo! She is beautiful. Very graceful features. Cute face, long fingers and long nails. Yeah of course she is scratching herself to glory with those teeny tiny nails. This is the first time am seeing a baby that young. I couldn't even muster enough courage to hold her in my hands.
The youngest baby I have held in my hands was my nephew when he was 10 months old so you can imagine how confident I am with handling new-borns!

But they are little bundles of joy literally. They are just over a foot long but when bundled in two or three layers of cloth then they become substantial enough to hold :).

(And in the midst of this post I discovered I have a college friend staying very close to my home!! Am so excited about this discovery! )

Ok back to the babies topic. This little princess, smiles sweetly when her pappa talks to her. And she doesn't even open her eyes! Instinct? Or is it because the pappa spent a lot of time during the last-months-of-baby-development with the mama? I think its the latter. Traditionally in India the girl goes to her parent's house in the eighth month of pregnancy. The only reason I can think of is "there is no care better than a mother's care and there is no touch better than a mother's soothing touch" and in those last couple of months of pregnancy a girl needs a lot of that. Because of this move, the husband doesn't get to spend lot of time with the girl for lack of time or because the girl's parents house is far away or in another city or some such physical barrier. I have seen a couple of cases where the baby needed to get used it's father. It cries when the father holds it! But not this kid she knew exactly who was holding her. Very clever for a less than 24 hour old!

All in all a shooo shweet way to start our day and her life :)
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