Its a new year resolution. Whatdidcha think?
This new year I have resolved to make myself fit. This is the technical jargon for losing oodles of weight. Its not as if I haven't tried before. I have. Honestly. One time it even lasted a full two weeks! But I need motivation. Lots of it. I tried a variety of ways. Singing which exercising, listening to the radio, feeling happy but none of them worked successfully. One step on the weighing machine would put me into depression enough to quell any squeak of the term exercise from within. Everyone I meet seems to be shocked by my size these days. Makes me wonder whether I was really that skinny a year and a half ago. Well, everyone except my Amma. She is the only one who believes that I am healthy but not too fat :)
A small christmas miracle occured in the last week of last year.
I happened to bump (literally) into a person from my past. A person who I least expected to meet. A colleague of yester years. She looked stunning. Absolutely trim and fit and that after 3 years of marriage (yeah marriage is one of the reasons I keep giving for my over-weightedness). I felt my innards turning inwards with shame. And the first thing she told me became the last straw "I think you have put on weight" and her hands went up trying to imitate a blown up balloon! I had to lose weight fast. Now it became a matter of prestige. My ego was hurt. Bah! Basically I got my inspiration to get rid of the fat. I made it my new year resolution. Seeing my past track record I really hope I implement this one.
I have started again huffing and puffing my way to "weight less" ness. Everytime I feel tired I conjure up her image and it gets me going. Cheers to her!
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