My Blog gets a new dress :)

Hello to all my readers. From today no, I will be wearing my new dress. I got bored of my pale blue dress which I wore for one and half years maan. It became very dreary for me to wake up every morning and look at myself in the mirror. Pah! Not that the dress was not nice but it just got too dull and lonely you know? I also want to look nice bright and beautiful like some of my blog friends. So I told Siri about this. And what can I tell you about Siri da? She's such a sweet darling. Immediately she took me to a template shop and got me a new dress. In the shop I chose a pinky pink (one of my favourite colours) one. Siri din't appreciate it very much. Her choice is more sober you see. But I stood my ground inspite of Siri threatning that she wouldn't write on me again. Oh but you see I know how to convince her. For her seeing is believing no so I just went into the trial room and put on the pink dress and showed it to her. Her face was twisted in dislike in the beginning but the more she saw me saunter around in it her expression changed to her nice natural self.You know what she said? She said "You know what Bloggy pink does suit you". I was so happy da! Immediately got it packed and skipped out of the template shop.
Ofcourse only when I showed off in front of my blog friends did I come to know that Siri din't have to pay a penny for my dress!! She got it free from Blogger re! More importantly its designer wear designed by Dan Rubin. But nevertheless she took time out from her "busy" schedule and took me shopping. That's enough for me ya. Ok now let me preen some more. Catch you later and Thank you Siri MUAHZ!

P.S:- I look beautiful no? Please let Siri know your thoughts. I feel she is still not totally convinced.

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