In search of the Last Laugh

Its been ages since I wrote anything on my blog. It has been a period of restlessness and non-motivation in terms of my writing skills. I thought of many things to blog about but when it came to actually writing it, I somehow back tracked realising that I was not motivated enough.

I spoke to a friend of mine a few days ago and she happened to mention a saying "Those who laugh last laugh the loudest". This saying has been haunting me ever since. It does wonders to boost one's morale. It brings hope to the lot who feel life is disappointing them.

What struck me about it is the fact that we live today thinking that there would come a tomorrow when we would be the ones laughing longest. Is this healthy? Are we squandering today in a hope of tomorrow? Are we pulling out all stops in making our life a better abstract to live in, before jumping to the conclusion that there would be a last laugh eminating from ourselves in a time frame which is as abstract as tomorrow?

On the other hand, it is hope that makes us better human beings. A hope of witnessing pristine life tomorrow. One has to have impudence to not allow life's downs to create a chasm in their lives. The last laugh is what would lure them to be courageous.
Anyone has an opinion on my confusion?
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