I have been tagged by Lekhni to write 5 things that I hope to achieve by 60 and 5 things I miss. Thankfully the upper limit is 5. I hate it when it is 10 because if you have so many things to do and miss then boy you dont have a life!

5 things I hope to do by the time I turn 60 (scares me that am only 3 decades and some away from this number)
  1. I hope to be less paranoid about everyday happenings than I am today. I hope age brings my wisdom teeth with it.
  2. I hope to not have a single grey hair on my head. And also while I am there I hope to have lustrous long hair. Both of which needs to start now inorder to reverse the current process in the next 30 years. Is someone up there listening by the way?
  3. Simplicity in technology. This one is not for me but for the aliens who should do this so that earthlings can just take advantage of technology without having to bust their brains figuring it out. But I would like to see it happen by the time am 60.
  4. Participated in a reality show and won which would have also brought in atleast a crore rupees after tax cuts. I assume it would have the same value as ten lakhs now, 30 years later. Budhape ki insurance.
  5. Learnt from T eventually to be patient and tolerant. One could call this a frivolous thought but its not!
5 things I miss
  1. My wisdom teeth.
  2. Staring into nothing, no time (read as politically incorrect to admit doing this at office)
  3. The excitement of secret love. Always fun!

At this point I started thinking so hard that it seemed to me that whatever I write would be wishful missing. So I stop :)

Anyone is welcome to take this tag forward. Harish, would you want to?

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