Life's Crossroads

In August last year, I got an opportunity to take a long break from work (after 7 yrs). T made me an offer that I did not want to refuse - that of taking a 3 month vacation and following him on his assignment to the US. This was a very tough decision for me considering that it meant a lot of implications professionally. I had to sit back and ask myself that annoying question of "What do I want from life?" Annoying because who really has the correct answer to this question? I decided that I should have fun in life with family when I get the opportunity. Looking back I feel I took the correct decision personally. We had one of the most memorable time of our lives. The vacation was not only rejuvenating for mind and body but it also brought with it, change! When I came back from US in November I unexpectedly found myself at the dreaded crossroads again. And this time it was because of a new presence in our lives, our little one. I am not overtly modest and hence can state pretty clearly that I am a very ambitious person. Ambition in terms of my professional as well as my personal life. Yet I am back at the fork trying to decide what is more important to me - my career or my baby. While I will be off on leave for the second half of this year, this could be a serious setback for my professional growth. Parenting brings with it a huge responsibility, one which I have no clue about and hence I am also faced with the inevitable question of whether I can even get back to work for a couple of years. Its a joyous occasion no doubt but also the moment of truth :)
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