Should I brag or should I not?

I had an amazing week and end last week!
My name appeared in the Times of India newspaper twice in 5 days!
Oh am so excited about it! It was all about a presentation in a career seminar.
I felt like a celebrity coming out, getting mobbed by people showering appreciation and questions! I needed the "Red Bull" to keep my mind active which would otherwise have slept off because of lack of sleep the previous night. Yeah, ofcourse I was nervous. Am not such a natural yakkity-yakker as my husband :). The poor soul had to listen to me "olering" twice as I neatly put a veil of "preparation" over all the nonsense I was talking. But it was exciting I tell you. For a non-stage person like me to be up there addressing nearly a hundred people was a very proud (unlike most people who I dont understand how feel humbled) moment. I did falter on stage. I did forget words but the audience never knew, I covered up so well! And the piece-de-resistance was when at the end of the presentation I forgot to ask for audience questions. I got off the stage came to a halt in front of the first row-ers and said (yeah exact same) "Shit!". Then I climbed back on the stage and sheepishly asked the people to shoot questions :). It was funny I tell you! But I had already got the audience in a good mood so it was ok.
Its not like I have never presented before in a forum. But I have never presented to a crowd I dont knw (if you discount the Independence day speech I had delivered, in fourth standard in front of the whole school(all of whom minus 45 of my class I dint know),which my dad and mom had helped me write and memorise). Most times its been a set of people I know something about.
This week my dilemna starts with the question "Should I brag about it with all or shouldnt I?". I mean is it nice to tom-tom your own achievement? For me, getting quoted in the press is BIG. A lot of people are telling me to capitalise on this and not allow future event managers to forget me as a speaker. I am clueless about how to do this but I will learn the ropes soon. I dont know how this "learning the ropes" phrase got coined. Need to read up on it. But for now I have decided to publicly brag hence this post tra la la
P.S:- Thank you hubby dearest.
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