Motherly times

Nowadays I can easily classify my group of girl friends into the following 4 categories
  • Experienced mothers
  • New mothers
  • Potential mothers
  • Mothers-to-be-in-future
There comes a time in every girl's life when life takes on a new meaning. Literally. A new life comes into her life. There also comes a time in every girl's life when all around her, her friends are bringing new lives into this world. I have reached the latter juncture. Am pretty sure that soon most of our conversation will be dominated by the toddlers rather than on the next big thing at work or the husband or the latest book or the make-up ritual. For a simple reason that most mothers are deprived of personal time and when they get a chance to talk to their friends they easily talk about the topic foremost on their mind rather than scratch their head and try to make new conversation! And talk will only be a bridge over the waaaa and susu gaps. So I am getting mentally prepared to hear a lot about diapers and burps and other ejection of sounds from their bundles of joy.
One of my favourite friends has also been intimated about a visit from the stork and I am all excited to hear about the baby's progress. I dont know what it is with me but I had tears in my eyes when she was telling me over the phone about the head and spine of the baby developing. Am an emotional old fool. I pray for her and all my other friends of the previous categories.
I do have a unique category for myself - a Very-Scared-mother-to-be-in-the-future
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