Last weekend I went to yet another shiny new mall that got started in Bangalore.
Little Side Commentary : We are bored of malls and eat-outs. We want beaches sans the humidity and the tsunamis.
So this was a huge place and we bought a lot of stuff over a wide variety.
Little side Commentary : We are bored of shopping as well and keep wishing we could buy everything online. We are thinking of monetizing this idea..so dont get any wise ideas.
My dotzy was with us as always and hung on to a small stuffed "Ducky" (that she had picked up from the toy's section) all through the mall. We approached the billing counter and started placing all the items we had picked up to be billed. I took the little "Ducky" too, inspite of the wailing protests, and kept it on the billing counter.
Later, we came out of the mall and I had a feeling that something was amiss. I did something which I never do. I went through the entire bill with some 50 items on it and couldnt find an entry for the Ducky. I have no idea why that dint get billed. Did we remove the article from the billing counter in a hurry or was it ignored by the cashier?
Would you call this shop-lifting or shop-gifting?
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