Lead India Intiative

In the time of reality shows how can Indian politics be left far behind? After all, isn't the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha sessions the oldest, biggest and most entertaining reality show ever? We get to see all the action on Doordarshan live day after day. The fists banging against the benches and once in a while against someone's face. The pouring down of screaming leaders into the pit of the Sabha. Walk-outs, talk-outs and shout-outs. Its got humour, thrill, chill and gut spill.

Now Times of India Group has launched an initiative which is set to take the reality in Indian politics one step further. Called Lead India, this program is set to bring out leaders for our public governance sphere which is lacking right now. A lot of babudom, red tapism and pulling-carpet-from-under-other's-legs are hindering a lot of development opportunities.

If you ask me the status of a Developing Nation is far better than a Developed Nation because it opens up a lot of spheres for betterment and will not allow us to sit on our past laurels. There is so much more to do and that brings in the excitement of being an Indian.

Lead India is a nationwide campaign, very like Indian Idol and the ilk, to search for a future leader. There will be a lot of elimination ofcourse in the course of the quest. What remains to be seen is whether there will be a practical touch to the competition or it will be based on a lot of blah blah by competitors. Whatever the case maybe, I am excited to see the process.

I myself am a backbencher-critic (hanging my head in shame).
If you are interested to know more or participate please visit http://www.lead.timesofindia.com/.
I urge all you willing people there to come out of your shell and participate in this.
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