Its a bit of an irony
I swear on the mulligatawny,
in a cold country like this
they dont really miss
the warmth of hot broth
going down one's throat
to give a little insulation
from the biting cold.
'ts for hot breakfast that I crave
when I step out of my roomy cave
all I want to have is a dosa roast
what I get is a buttered toast.
When I look for hot soup
all I get is a lukewarm dupe
Zweibel, Tomate and Kartoffel*
you get plate loads of these if
you ask for vegetable.
One of the best you get is Flammkuchen
which is pizza with crust nicely flattened.
I miss my cup of hot Red Label tea the most
'coz here its umpteen flavours of which they boast.
Amidst Strawberry, Lemon, Orange and Earl Grey
Even Assam tea does not hold its sway.
Its usually had here without any milk
They have no clue about chai or its ilk.
But what I love most here is the Yoghurt
in many flavours and choice you can assert.
My all time favourite is the Erdbeere*
thinking of which, I should get my today's share.
Am glad I am coming home tomorrow, this time during
to chatambsadhu, morasadhu and bendekayi karimb!
*zweibel=onion, tomate=tomato, kartoffel=potato, Erdbeere=strawberry
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