Hungry at 12

Does it happen to you often?
At midnight?
I find myself with a tremendous appetite around midnight most nights when am awake. If I don’t retort to the hints then my stomach takes it pretty personally and starts gnarling so loud that it can wake up our next door neighbor whose house is approximately 6 ft from my room wall!

I know the distance accurately because in Bangalore land is very precious (because it is scarce what with all builders taking over and because of its price). People would build on every square millimeter of land if not for some rules laid down by the corporation to prevent houses zig zagging into each others' compounds. There needs to be a gap of 3 ft from the compound wall between neighboring plots to the wall of the actual house itself. And this is all a Bangalorean worth his land is willing to sacrifice. In fact I was joking with our builder that I plan to make a temporary shack in the car parking area and give it for rent. There will be takers for sure.
Yeah all this banter has nothing to do with the subject of this post. But what you are reading here is my mind. When I get hungry I try and concentrate on all kinds of things including Bangalore Corporation rules in order to divert the mind! Whoever heard of snacking at that bizarre time. And that too after a full fledged dinner. Honestly what I crave for at such times are sweets. I dunno why but I develop a real sweet tooth around 12 AM :)

I remember this bus journey a few years ago. My dad was shifting to Bangalore (and we were with him to help) and his colleagues had come to bid him farewell. And as courtesy would demand it they also gave us a box of sweets. Now, the box was conveniently planted in a bag which was kept under my seat on the bus. At that time I was supposedly this pale travel sick little thing. At around midnight while watching Gumnaam (it was a video coach and the driver was obviously still in the 60s thingy) I became ravenous. Only after I neatly tucked in 10 Balushaai
(a 2 inch dia circular very sticky ghee layered sweeeet sweet)

in less than half hour and only then did I feel contentment! You could well imagine my parents’ surprise the next morning when they opened the book to find nothing in it.
And of course I am writing this with a growling stomach for company. Its 1 AM what do you think!

Should I go for that

peda in the fridge or should I not is the question!!

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